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Neiko & Alexis Johnson, Co-Founders & Managing Editors

Personal finance experts, self-taught investing enthusiasts, and money coaches.
After struggling with our own finances for many years, we launched Secret to Finance in 2020 to help readers make better decisions about their money.
We were introduced to the world of personal finance back in high school. The day we both got our first debit card and used it to pay for everything. Over time, we got good at spending money but didn’t fully understand how to manage it.

After a few years in college, we realized we both had a lot of debt. From student loans, credit cards, and traveling. We both graduated college with thousands of dollars of debt and brought that debt into our marriage.

The day we got married, we decided to empower ourselves with knowledge and finally got our money management skills in order.
And we’ve made it our personal mission to spread the word about specific, simple, and actionable personal finance advice to as many people as possible.
To be clear – we have made many mistakes just like anybody else and been in the same exact place you may be today. After a few bad financial decisions, we were left with no money and thought there was no way out.

We started Secret to Finance after struggling with our money for years after graduating from college.

We had $460,000 of debt and as a result, we suffered the consequences of having less money, paying higher interest rates, and having to change our lifestyle to pay bills.

But after spending hours reading and educating ourselves on how personal finance works, we were able to pay off $460,000 in just 4 years. This allowed us to turn our personal finance life around.

After going through this first-hand experience of feeling how overwhelming a ton of debt can be, we quickly realized there’s not enough financial education out there.

We created our own plan to pay off our debt and start managing money the right way. But, we realized there was a need for a one-stop-shop of resources to help you manage your money and get your financial life back.

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