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Ask Us Anything You Want

Ask Us Anything is a great opportunity for us to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.

This segment is just what it says, you can ask us anything. If you’re struggling with what to ask us, here are a few topics you may want to know more about:

  • Personal finance
  • Our life
  • Blogging
  • Dentistry
  • Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electric vehicles
  • Side hustles
  • Marriage
  • Buying a house
  • Education
And so on, and so on.
There are several topics you’re probably interested in. We’d love to talk more about them with you. Our blogging journey and lives have been interesting so far.

Ask Us Anything: Learn More

On a serious note, ask us anything in the comments below. And we will take time to respond to every single question.
On the other hand, nothing inappropriate or we will have to delete the comment and block you.
But, go ahead and ask us whatever you want.

About Secret to Finance

Hi, we are Neiko and Alexis Johnson! We paid off $240,000 of student loan and consumer debt in 27 months. We started Secret to Finance to share our story and help others build generational wealth. Our passion is to help others find financial freedom, budget their money, and get out of debt.

Our decision to help others with their money started first with us being in deep debt. We decided to get rid of our debt so we can live with financial freedom. Debt was only holding us back from reaching our financial and life goals. So, we had to get focused on changing our situation.

That is to say, money issues are common for a lot of people. But, we wanted to be different. Changing our family tree is a big motivation factor and it continues to push us forward.

6 thoughts on “Ask Us Anything”

  1. Foalalo Mapusaga Romeo

    hi all I need your help to apply a loan to refinance my other loans but built a new house and a new car for my family.

    1. Hello Foalalo,

      Our suggestion to refinance your loans is our affiliate company Credible. Check them out using this link They give you the best options within 2 minutes and are a top-rated company.

      This is a good time to refinance your loans and contact all of your creditors to ask for lower interest rates.

      Thank you

  2. How was the transition for Neiko as an athlete to the technological field ? What steps did you take to ensure you would be successful completely changing your field of work

    1. Hello Emma!

      Great question! To be honest, the transition was fairly easy for me. At the end of my playing career, I was at peace with my decision to move on from baseball. I prayed about it and left it to God. I had a few moments where I knew God was telling me it was time to move on and start my life. I love baseball and it was a great experience, but I love what I do now.

      I started out by getting some IT certifications early in my career and then decided to go back to school and get my masters degree in information assurance and business administration. I had great mentors and people guiding me in the right direction and I stuck with the process. It took a lot of work but it was worth it.

    1. Hello Spencer,

      The first recommendation would be to start saving as much money as possible now. Work as much as you can during school to have a good savings. Next, focus on choosing an in-state school that’s affordable and that you can pay cash for. You can also go to Community College first and then transfer to a school that offers bachelor’s degrees. This would save a lot of money on tuition.

      The biggest one of all is apply for a ton of scholarships. Try applying for 100 a day to start with and increase the amount you apply for as you go. Filling out the FAFSA will help see if you qualify for federal grants, work-study programs, state aid, and school aid.

      I hope this helps!

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