Honey Browser Extension: How To Save Money

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August 15, 2021
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Honey Browser Extension How To Save Money

Online shopping can be convenient for your busy schedule. The Honey browser extension can help you make sure you are getting the best price.

Researching promo codes is time-consuming and frustrating when the discounts don't always work.

The Honey browser extension takes the guesswork out of the equation and you never have to worry about finding, copying, pasting, or hoping the code works.

The Honey browser extension automatically finds the best working coupon codes for you at checkout and applies them with no additional effort.

Most importantly, the average discount is nearly 18% when using the Honey browser extension.

Everyone likes saving money when shopping. In fact, retailers understand this can increase their sales. That is the main reason they release new coupons and promo codes for their customers.

Certainly, you can Google to try and find the same codes but it will take a lot of time. You may think there's a catch and it sounds too good to be true.

Let's dive into the details on what Honey is, how it works, and most importantly how you can save money.

What is the Honey browser extension?

Honey is a great secret to saving money on things you were already going to purchase online without having to search for coupons.

In fact, this tool can help you stick to your budget while searching for the best deals. Remember, buying things you don't need just because it's on sale means you're not saving money.

However, when you decide to spend, it's best to save money when you can. And, Honey can help you do that!

Honey works on over 30,000 shopping platforms and the extension will notify you if there is a price drop on any items in your Droplist from different stores.

Honey Gold allows you to collect Gold with each purchase and can be redeemed for free gift cards from popular stores. Also, you can download the Honey app for your smartphone.

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How does Honey work?

As you are online shopping, Honey scans the site for potential deals. You simply shop normally and the Honey browser extension will pop up during checkout if it finds any coupons that will work for your purchase.

Most importantly, it's really that simple. However, always remember not to pile up debt buying things just because you're getting a discount.

You can use most web browsers and install the Honey browser extension to save money. You will see a small "h" in the browser bar that will turn from gray to orange if there's a coupon code available.

Continue to shop and proceed to checkout where the gold coin lets you know which coupons were found. Simple click "apply coupons" and Honey will test all of the available coupons.

After that, Honey will let you know if you are getting the best deal or it will apply the best coupon code. This feature is great because you will know if something didn't work as planned.

Pros and cons of Honey?

Certainly, just like everything in the world, Honey has its pros and cons. However, the pros far outweigh the cons.

So, let's talk about what to expect before you open an account.


  • 100% free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Easy signup and installation process
  • Your private information is secure and not shared
  • You receive cash back when making purchases
  • Saves you time by finding the best coupon codes


  • You can only redeem gift cards at select online retailers
  • Coupon codes don't always work

Why should I use the Honey browser extension?

You should use the Honey browser extension if you don't have the time to search on multiple sites to compare prices.

The Honey browser extension does the hard work for you so you can save money easily.

Is using Honey safe?

The Honey app is trusted by more than 17 million customers. They make sure to guarantee the safety and security of their app for their customers.

The thousands of 5-star reviews show how trustworthy the app is to use.

In fact, Honey is widely used on Amazon as well as other online stores. Another great feature to use is Amazon's best price. This tool allows you to find the best seller on Amazon for the item you are considering purchasing. It's easy and safe to use.

How does Honey make money?

All of the tools and features that Honey offers are 100% free for you to use.

Honey makes money from the special offers they offer to its users. The great thing about Honey is they don't sell your personal information to third parties.

In fact, Honey only makes a commission from online retailers. You receive cashback as Honey Gold whenever you make a purchase using Honey.

This is similar to how credit card companies operate when they offer rewards points. The money credit cards charge companies a transaction fee and a portion of their earnings is returned to the customer in rewards.

Do you currently use the Honey browser extension? What other ways do you save money when shopping online?

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