How to Tithe When You Are Broke

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August 14, 2021
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How to Tithe When You Are Broke

Are you looking for ways on how to tithe when you are broke?

It's a great time to start thinking about ways to tithe while you're improving your financial situation.

Most Christians follow the guidance to tithe a tenth of their income. Certainly, this may be a sacrifice for some people to make but many people are dedicated to doing this consistently.

However, you may be wondering how do I tithe when I'm broke?

Great question! Let's explore some creative ways on how to tithe when you're broke.

Give what you can

First off, tithing is a great thing to do and if you're determined to tithe, you should give what you can. You shouldn't feel guilty about not tithing 10% if you're not able to.

In fact, the great thing about giving what you can is that you can always increase your giving in the future. However, you may be able to find extra money by budgeting your expenses that can be allocated to your tithe.

Creating a detailed budget is very important when you're allocating money to different categories. Above all, by not living on a budget, you will continue to struggle with managing money.

A budget shouldn't be viewed as restrictive, which means you can't spend and is difficult. It should be viewed as spending the right way, telling your money where to go, and easier after a little practice.

Budgeting is the ultimate foundation of your money and helps you create a solid financial plan.

Starting, we didn't tithe 10% of our income but we always gave what we could. Now, that our income has improved and we're handling our money better, we have increased how much we give to our church.

Most importantly, living on a budget will allow you to tithe what you can in the meantime.

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Reduce expenses

A great way to find more income is by reducing expenses.

The key is to only spend money on things you value and care about. Other items you should remove from your budget and not spend money on.

In fact, there are 20 ways to save money that will help you figure out how to tithe when you are broke.

During our financial journey, we found ways to cut out unnecessary spending and increase our income with side hustles. This helped us understand that having control of our money will allow us to focus on important financial goals, such as tithing.

Most importantly, focus on things that will help you financially and not hurt you.

A big way a lot of people save money is by refinancing their student loans. This tends to be one of the biggest expenses people have each month outside of a mortgage or rent.

Refinancing student loans can be one of the smartest money moves to help you lower your monthly bills and save money in the long run.

Companies such as LendKey help you refinance your student loans. The average person saves thousands of dollars on their loan, which is awesome!

Above all, you can save a lot of money by refinancing your student loans with LendKey, especially if you have high-interest federal or private loans.

One of our favorite things to help people do is save money. This helps people reach financial goals faster.

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Consider volunteering

Sometimes you may not have the money to tithe but you can still give to the church by volunteering. This is a potential solution if you're trying to figure out how to tithe when you're broke.

Remember, you can still give the amount of money that you can afford and combine that with volunteering.

Most churches have plenty of opportunities to volunteer that are beneficial.

You can help out in the community, sing in the choir, or help in the church office with administrative work.

Ultimately, it's all about giving and contributing to the church in ways that you can afford to.

Try a no-spend challenge

A no-spend challenge is when you challenge yourself not to spend money for a specific amount of time.

In fact, you can choose a certain budget category or completely eliminate all of your spending.

To be clear, a no-spend challenge is usually done for a weekend, week, month, etc. It's not meant to be a long-term approach to money management.

However, a no-spend challenge does help you reveal areas that may not be necessary to spend on.

The benefits of a no-spend challenge include:

  • You don't buy things that aren't needed or that you have at home.
  • It will help you really understand your spending habits.
  • You will have more money to put towards more important financial goals.

It's important to note, this is one of the more difficult money hacks for some people.

However, it's very beneficial and possible. You get to make the rules for your no-spend challenge. So, you can decide how strict you want to be.

Final words - how to tithe when you are broke

We've all struggled with reaching a financial goal and learning how to tithe when you are broke isn't easy. It's all based on how important tithing is to you and how creative you can become.

Remember, increasing your income is the easiest solution to solving financial issues.

But, it doesn't hurt to try other methods to see what works best for you.

In what ways are you trying to save money?

Article written by Neiko Johnson
Neiko is a personal finance expert and Co-founder of Secret to Finance. Along with his wife Alexis, they learned how to get out of debt and paid off $400,000 in 4 years.

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