Internet Privacy: Jumbo App Review

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August 15, 2021
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Internet Privacy: Jumbo App Review

Today, we are partnering with JumboPrivacy in this Jumbo app review. All opinions are 100% our own.

Welcome to our Jumbo app review!

First off, are you looking for a new internet privacy app to help protect you on social media?

In fact, Internet privacy has become a major topic in recent years. In fact, there have been several social apps that provide internet privacy to help those who can view your personal information.

However, it seems we keep finding out that more data is being provided than it should be.

The Jumbo app was created to take the suspicion out of privacy settings. On the other hand, social media platforms do make it harder for the app due to restrictions.

But, the app can still be useful for anyone who wants to limit the amount of data they have on the social web.

Most importantly, the Jumbo app makes it easy to learn what you need to do to stay safe online. With the Jumbo app, you can stay on top of Internet privacy and take control of your data.

What is internet privacy?

Most importantly, privacy is something that people want, but it takes a lot of time for us to handle it. Ultimately, that leaves you with two options: let the social media apps handle it or do nothing.

Internet privacy refers to the vast range of technologies, protocols, and concepts related to giving individual users or other parties more privacy protections in their use of the global Internet.

In fact, Internet privacy takes many forms, including mandatory privacy statements on websites, data sharing controls, data transparency initiatives, and more.

That is to say, it's more important now than ever to be aware of your privacy settings when using the web.

In general, you are being tracked in many different ways that you may not be aware of. It can become concerning if you are sharing data with a company you don't want to access your information.

What is Jumbo Privacy?

Jumbo is a U.S. founded privacy and security app that was founded in 2018 by Pierre Valade.

On the Jumbo website, their mission is to help build an Internet that we can all trust.

Above all, they believe that your data belongs to you and their focus is to give you control of security right from your phone.

Most importantly, Jumbo Privacy aims to help you protect your sensitive data that is stored online with major websites and apps.

Jumbo App Privacy

When you download the app, above are some of the apps you will be able to protect your data from. You will see how much data has been scanned and tracked.

What is the Jumbo Privacy app?

The Jumbo Privacy App is a security app that allows you to:

  1. Get a clear view of your online security. You'll be able to see your privacy settings, where your data is being stored, how it's being tracked, and more. The Jumbo Privacy app helps you know how much control you can have over your personal information.
  2. Also, you can track exactly what companies have access to your data and how long they have had access. More importantly, you can clean up your social media profiles using the data.
  3. Adjust who can see your posts, the pages you follow, your friends list, and sexual preference.
  4. Delete your search history and Amazon Alexa voice recordings.
  5. Clean out all of your old Instagram and Facebook photos and videos.

Once you download the app and link your online accounts, the app will start to analyze your accounts and provide feedback. Above all, the Jumbo app is very easy to use and effective for optimizing your privacy.

Is the Jumbo app free? How can I sign up?

Yes, this is a free app and it is easy to connect your accounts and get started.

Also, there is a Plus and a Pro version available.

The Plus version includes support for Instagram and Messenger, as well as the ability to keep tabs on data breaches affecting you.

The Pro version includes everything from the Plus version and adds LinkedIn and ad-tracking prevention. Another thing to note, it adds the ability to detect credit card information and other personal details that may appear on the dark web.

You can download the Jumbo app for free through the App Store and on Google Play to start protecting your privacy.

The paid versions can be easily upgraded to within the app after you create your account.

Important to note, you will pay anywhere from $2.99 to $14.99 per month for the paid versions. Remember, to check your budget to make sure you can afford to pay for the premium version.

Is the Jumbo app safe to use? Jumbo App Review

The Jumbo app is safe.

Indeed, Jumbo never collects your data because their technology does the scanning right from your phone.

Your data is never stored on their servers, which means there's nothing to share or sell to third parties.

The Jumbo app gives you control of your privacy and insight into what data is being tracked and used online.

Internet privacy: Is the Jumbo app worth it?

Yes, we believe the Jumbo Privacy app is worth it.

The free version has many features you can benefit from. The app is easy to use and has a nice interface.

Certainly, Jumbo Privacy provides valuable insight and data using their tools that we find are very informative and helpful.

Most importantly, it allows you to find the information you need to take control of your online privacy with their free app.

Available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Questions for you: Do you currently use an online privacy app? Do you use the Jumbo Privacy app? Was this Jumbo App review helpful?

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