Tips To Lower Cell Phone Bill

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August 15, 2021
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Tips To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Are you looking for tips to lower cell phone bill?

Your cell phone bill is probably one of the largest monthly bills you have. Your cell phone can easily cost you over $100 per month, especially if you have a family plan.

That is to say, most people are overpaying for their cell phone bill.

Certainly, you've probably had the thought that you are paying too much money each month for your cell phone bill but you don't want to deal with switching plans or providers.

As a result, many people don't change their cell phone plan and just continue to pay their monthly bill even if the price increases.

On the other hand, most people are not happy with their cell phone bill but don't take the time to compare pricing. This is often due to the fear of signing a contract with a provider who is worse or having to get a new phone number.

Today, we are going to give you tips to lower your cell phone bill.

To point out, most carriers allow you to port over your phone number. However, saving hundreds of dollars over the course of a year warrants switching for a lower cell phone bill. Saving money can make changing your phone number worthwhile.

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Cash in on discounts for a less expensive cell phone bill

A great tip to lower your cell phone bill is to cash in on the discounts offered by the service providers. Government employees, students, service members, and employees of some companies may qualify for a discount on their service.

You can find out if you qualify by calling your provider and asking. Most times you will have to verify your information and status to keep the discount active. This can be done most times by providing an email address or pay stub.

Switch to paperless billing and autopay - tips to lower cell phone bill

At the present time, many cell phone companies offer a discount for signing up for paperless billing and autopay. However, sometimes it can only be $5 savings per month but this is a great way to save money and can add up in the long run.

Important to realize, be sure your budget can handle signing up for automatic payment. The last thing you want is to sign up for automatic payment and rack up overdraft fees because you didn't plan for the expense ahead of time.

Do you really need the insurance?

Many cell phone bills include extra charges that you may not need. One of the most common charges is cell phone insurance. But, we are sure there are plenty of people who get good use from this. However, most people don't need the extra insurance.

In fact, cell phone companies make a ton of money by advertising insurance to customers. Above all, take the time to evaluate if paying for cell phone insurance is worth it for you.

This extra charge can cost up to $10 a month and you may never use it. Also, you may have to pay a deductible when using the insurance. So, that's another extra charge to consider when evaluating the insurance.

Choose a family plan

For most cell phone companies using a family plan is a great tip to lower your cell phone bill. You may want to research the pricing to add a line and split the bill with a family member.

For example, Verizon offers a $70 plan for a single line but if you have 4 lines you only pay $35 per line, per month.

It's important to understand which plans fit best for you. Be sure you are splitting the cost with a trustworthy family member so you are not stuck with the full bill if they do not pay.

Negotiate for a lower cell phone bill

In our experience, we've found that negotiating with service providers is a great tip lower your cell phone bill. Cell phone companies primarily focus on targeting new customers with marketing but not much focus on the current customers.

You can use this information to your advantage. Save money by calling your provider and asking for a discount on your cell phone bill. When you call, advise them you are thinking about canceling your service for a better offer.

Then, let them know you have been researching other carriers and ask if they are willing to match those better deals to keep you as a customer. In fact, make sure you have the specific details of the better offers so you can reference them during the call.

A great way to stop wasting money on your bills is by using Trim. This service automates ways to save money on your phone bill. Click here to sign up for Trim and start saving money.

Final words - lower your cell phone bill

It's very important to find ways to save money when you are trying to improve your budget. Saving money on your phone bill is a great way to control spending.

Most importantly, using these tips to lower your cell phone bill can help you put money towards your financial goals. Repeat this process in other areas of your budget and these small savings can help you make changes even faster.

How much is your cell phone bill?

Do you think you pay too much?

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